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Weight loss Injections

As part of our weight loss program, Pure Haus offers weekly injections of  Semaglutide, a weight loss medication, to our clients who are serious about their weight loss journey. This program sees results averaging between 10- 15 pounds per month lost. We also offer other weight loss services and will talk with each client to understand individual needs and realistic expectations.

Pure Haus Weight Loss Clinic main goal is to provide our clients with a jump start to a healthy and holistic weight loss journey.

Under the care of a licensed medical professional, you will be provided exceptional quality care with all of your concerns being addressed. 

Our approach is to increase your enjoyment of life, while becoming the healthiest version of you, both mentally and physically. 

Our  Maryville weight loss services include weekly injections of FDA approved medications, vitamins, prescription medicines, and more.  

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